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Five Word Semi-formal Prompt

Here are two versions of a simple prompt that unfolds into an experiment with one of the basic elements of poetic form: repetition. Johnny’s original prompt was deceptively straightforward sounding: take 5 words (in this case, chosen by Johnny and assigned to J.N.) and write a poem in which each word is repeated 3 times.  [...]

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Untitled Poem by J.N. Fishhawk

[untitled] J.N. Fishhawk In response to the prompt found here. the swamps stand eternal, lungs, liver, and kidneys of the land, all in one-- cinnamon fern fossils in ancient shale a testament, a message in our world’s  oldest print—frond, blade, pinnule dropped with a long-gone  season’s pass, into water burnt dark as midnight with fertile [...]

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Processing Dawn, by Johnny Rocket Ibanez

Processing Dawn Johnny Rocket Ibanez In response to the prompt found here. As we begin to sift through the rubble  left in the wake of this storm we become aware of several things all at once: the husk of sleep as it peels off in stringy layers as for a moment in the early dawn [...]

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