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History: The Aubade, which as a word means "dawn serenade", first dates back to the 12th century and came to be known to English speakers in the 1670s. It is theorized by some scholars that it grew out of the cry of the medieval watchman announcing the change from night to day from his tower. [...]

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All glossary entries are continually being updated. If you have a contribution, let us know.  History: The Ghazal, also spelled ghazel or gasal, Turkish gazel, and pronounced “guzzle” in some languages and “gu-ZAHL” in others, though in both with a guttural “g” almost like the “ch” in “Bach.”, is a genre of lyric poetry developed in Persia in the late [...]

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Goliardic Verse

Goliardic Verse History:  Goliardic Verse originated in the Middle Ages, becoming very popular in the 12th century. Although there is a lot of uncertainty as to its origins, there are a few theories and posits. For one, it has been associated with the Ordo Vagorum, a religious “order” of students who shared both a love [...]

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