History and Structure: SchuttelreimHistory and Structure: Schuttelreim is agreed upon to be a form of double rhyme, where the consonants of the last two stressed syllables are interchanged. It is a German verse rhyming device that’s existed since the 13th century which was once considered a serious poetic form but since the 19th century has...
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History: A SevenlingHistory: A Sevenling is a seven line form created by Roddy Lumsden as a teaching exercise, based on this poem written by Anna Akhmatova and translated by D M Thomas: He loved three things alone: White peacocks, evensong, Old maps of America. He hated children crying, And raspberry jam with his tea, And womanish hysteria....
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History:  The TerzanelleHistory:  The Terzanelle is a poetry form “invented” by Lewis Turco in 1964/1965 when, in his words, he decided to experiment with the Villanelle by adding Terza Rima to it.  Structure:  The Terzanelle is, as Turco describes it, a Villanelle written in Terza Rima. So… • 19 lines long • 5 interlocking triplets… ...
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