Clogyrnach, pronounced clog-ír-nach, (or even simpler a Clog Ear Nak, more or less) is a 16th codified Welsh meter, one of 24 official Welsh meters, and falls under the category of Awdl, or ode.


Honestly, as far as Gaelic or Welsh forms go, this one is not that bad. Some get down right masochistic to write. Anyways…

  • Written in any number of 5 line stanzas
  • Each stanza is 32 syllables, divided up line wise into a couplet of 8 syllables each, a 2nd couplet of 5 syllables each, and a final couplet of 3 syllables each
  • The two three syllable lines can be written as one 6 syllable line, but keep to the rhyme scheme
  • Which is aabbba


Turco, Lewis. The Book of Forms a Handbook of Poetics. University Press of New England, 2000.

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