The Atrina is a stanzaic form contemporarily invented by Keith Metcalf Drew at AllPoetry.


  • Consists of 4 stanzas
  • The first three stanzas are 4 lines each (quatrains)
  • Each line is 8 syllables (octosyllabic)
  • The first line of a stanzas repeats in the last line of the same stanzas
  • The third line of a stanza repeats the second line of the stanza in reverse order
  • The 4th and final stanza is 6 lines and consists of the first two lines from each preceding stanza
  • Although a rhyme has been attributed by others since it was invented, and he used a rhyme in the example poem, there was no rhyme indicated in the original post in the instructions and explanation, so it’s an open question

(Good luck, and Chaucer bless.)

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