Created by award-winning poet Pravat Kumar Padhy in 2022 by fusing a haiku and a tanka.


  • thematically, explores nature and human aspects like love, emotion etc, aiming overall to portray “a broader manifestation of coherency of the images juxtaposition keeping in view the aspect of ‘link and shift’ within the framework of the combined poem.”
  • characterized by total count of 48 syllables (5-7-5, 5-7-5-7-7)
  • “the synthesis in hainka is based on the image linking (the ‘fragment’ of haiku acting as the ‘pivot line’ of the following tanka). Garry Eaton while introducing my new form of poetry about the new genre quotes it as an interesting form of sharing of single image or line while assimilating a haiku and a tanka.” (there’s really no point in trying to paraphrase the man.)
  • The final structural configuration would be 5/7/5/5/7/5/7/7 (s/l/s/s/l/s/l/l) -reflecting upon the examples the author of the form himself gave, though, the actual syllable count seems less important than the short-long configuration. See below.
  • A breathing gap (swinging space) is preferred between the haiku and tanka

Example from the author:

“the fragment and the pivot line are denoted in italic:

melting snow
sharing warmth
each other

under sunshine
kids clap together
melting snow
unfolding the secret
gathers smiles on smiles”




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