The lune, called and considered the American Haiku, was developed by New York based poet and Bard College professor Robert Kelly in the 1960s when he realized a lot was lost when the Japanese haiku was translated as a form into English, as Japanese words tend to have more syllables than English words, allowing English language haikus to cram more words into the haiku and basically mis the point entirely of what a haiku is. Later, poet Jack Collum developed a variant based on word count rather than syllable count when he, basically, misremembered the form when he learned about it.


  • Kelly Lune
    • 3 lines
    • syllable count per line of 5/3/5
  • Collum Lune
    • 3 lines
    • word count per line of 3/5/3
  • That’s it. No other rules in terms of rhyme or metrics.


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