Sunday Poetry Prompt

We’re back! And vowing to be more consistent.

A new regular series we’ll be adding is writing exercises and prompts, something we’ve been meaning to do. And one prompt that I, Johnny, am fond of is the tried and true random word selection prompt, where you pick between one and five words, and use them as jumping points in a piece of writing. Usually, one is either required or strongly encouraged to use them specifically.

So! Today’s words: simulacrum, fulcrum, lullaby, weathervein.

Have fun! And if you feel so moved to, share what you come up with in the comments below!

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  1. Irish

    “Hush little one
    Don’t you cry
    Everything’s going to be alright”

    Whispers of Mother’s lullaby
    Echo through the concrete walls of this place
    As the rain beats down on the window pane
    And slips through the cracks in my armor

    How did it come to this?
    I haven’t really been taking care of myself
    Not like I should be
    I guess that’s my answer

    This house is weathered
    Vain and broken
    Just like me
    Hands covered in rust and calloused
    Bleeding orange onto the page
    Misdirection and fused lips
    Unable to cope

    At least I quit drinking

    “Don’t cry little child
    I’ll be back at 5
    Everything will be fine”

    Those words tumble inside of me
    As I hum the tune of memories
    Best left forgotten
    As I feel so alone out here
    And I don’t think she’s coming

    Hang the heart out to dry and tack the soul
    Deep into the concrete walls that surround me
    Fulcrum to sanity
    Catch the metro
    Go anywhere
    What is
    What is the
    What is the fucking point?
    Of all of this?

    I often dream of another me
    A baby simulacrum of existence
    Hidden away from everything
    Would he still make my mistakes?
    Be better than me
    Or does the devil rage inside us all
    Just waiting for his turn to dance

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