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History: An alexandroid takes its name from the alexandrine that it is composed of. An Alexandrine is a name used for several verse line types, most of which consist of two hemistichs (half-lines) of six syllables each, separated by a caesura (a word break, though it's a bit more than that...more on that later). As far [...]

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History: The Amphion is another poetry form attributed to Viola Berg and her 1977 book Pathways for the Poet which we have yet to read and find. Structure: a poem of 10 lines. Lines 1, 4, 7, and 10 are tetrameter (4 beats), and they alternate with couplets in dimeter (2 beats) Rhymed, rhyme scheme [...]

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Decima Espinela

Historia La décima es básicamente una composición poética de diez versos octosílabos. En forma de canción, la décima trovada, consiste de cuarenta y cuatro versos que incluyen una primera estrofa de cuatro versos y cuatro subsiguientes estrofas de diez versos que glosan la primera estrofa, terminando cada una de estas cuatro estrofas en un verso [...]

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