Amaranth is a form created by Viola Berg as a teaching tool in her 1977 book Pathways for the Poet. That’s what we’ve been able to find so far, second hand, as we have yet to lay our grubby little hands on the book itself. So far the only source online for this information is the site Poetry Magnum Opus and the book doesn’t seem to be available for purchase online. We’re still looking.


  • The form makes use of the 9 most common metric feet
  • 9 line stanza
  • each line is one metric foot (for reference below: notation: Long-foot-meter.svg = stressed/long syllable, Short-foot-meter.svg = unstressed/short syllable)
  • Line 1 Spondee Long-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svg
    Line 2 Iamb Short-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svg
    Line 3 Pyrrhic  Short-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svg
    Line 4 Dactyl Long-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svg
    Line 5 Trochee Long-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svg
    Line 6 AmphimacerLong-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svg
    Line 7 Choriamb Long-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svg
    Line 8 Anapest Short-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svg
    Line 9 Amphibrach Short-foot-meter.svgLong-foot-meter.svgShort-foot-meter.svg
  • rhyme is at, as they say, the discretion of the poet

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